Michael Freedman is the founder and operational leader of The Public Square Academy and Practical Academics.

Michael leads the Program Design and Mentoring programs and orchestrates the Academy subscription. PSA is is a vibrant ecosystem of programs which raises the level of citizenship and public effectiveness through training, educational programs, workshops, and topical forums. Michael has twenty years management experience in corporate technology business and fifteen years in education. He holds an M.A. in Communications Management and a B.A. in Speech Communications.



Jennifer leads marketing for the Academy, defining and leading brand and program marketing strategies and practices.

Jennifer works with organizations who are redefining teaching and learning. She is a former educator and for more than 15 years she has worked with EdTech, Non-profits and Education companies to educate, engage and empower their target audiences. She holds master’s degrees in Educational Technology and Leadership as well as in Curriculum and Instruction, along with a BA in Early Childhood education.



Moses Wolfenstein is the games master for Public Square Academy. He provides learning game design for topics and consultation for Academy designers who want to bring game elements into their courses.

Moses is also the Faculty Coordinator for Distance Education at El Camino College, a community college located in Torrance, CA. Moses holds a PhD in Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis from the University of Wisconsin–Madison where he studied games and learning with the Games+Learning+Society research group.



Matthew is the chief storyteller for The Public Square Academy. He manages the fictional universe for program designers and mentors, and produces the stories supporting the Academy subscription.

Matt is a world news journalist, government spokesperson, and fiction novelist from Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. Matt has worked in U.S. foreign affairs, global and domestic crisis response, and non-profit management, and is the CEO of World News Report. Matt holds a B.A. in World History from Ohio University and an M.A. in Global Communications from The George Washington University, focus on international conflict prevention and ethical war journalism.

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